HR development : how to retain your talented employees !

I work in HR because I want to make a difference and bring something positive into people’s lives. We spend so much time at work and put so much energy into developing a career that I wish to make a difference, working in HR and supporting employees on a daily basis.

When employees are happy and performing, we have a tendency to give them less “HR care & attention”. And we end up losing them to competition! I strongly believe in rewarding performance, not only in financial terms – this should be the basis – but also in terms of recognition & attention. I believe HR teams should take more time working on retaining talented employees.

Here are a few inspiring articles I have read recently with regards to this matter:

  • About implementing Stay Interviews: the idea is not to wait for our talented employees to leave BUT to take the time to understand why those who stay are staying. First, understanding what motivates them within the organization can help us develop those elements and hopefully retain more talented employees, then this also gives us an opportunity to ask them for honest feedback regarding potential reasons for leaving in the future and start working on it. Of course, don’t do this if you are not ready to make the necessary changes, you will only create expectations and disappoint.

Why Should HR Use Stay Interviews by Jan Osburn

Preventing Exit Interview with Stay Interview by HR Bartender

Tips about Retention interviews 

  • About retaining a talented employee while refusing to give him a promotion : someone applied internally to an opening, they went through the selection process but for some reason another candidate was selected. How do you explain this to the employee without demotivating them ? This is a sensitive situation that I have seen many times in my career. The following article gives very practical tips on how to handle this situation, with honestly, empathy and respect. I really like the idea of taking this opportunity to sit with the employee, try to really understand his motivations and career goals and build a realistic and clear career path including a mid-term action plan together.

3 steps to Retaining Top Talent When Denying a Promotion

More to come…

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