First week at the Yoga Institute

The first thing that comes to my mind is that we suffered sitting cross-legged all day long. I have a right to complain, I’m French after all. A girl from another class told me she got bruises sitting like that for a month (i hope she was joking). 
The institute is a beautiful place and the staff is very friendly. Not everything is perfectly organized but we are here to accept that nothing’s perfect and to let go of things that don’t really matter. The food is so much better than I expected, we have chapatis rice dhal and a different vegetable every day. It’s true that it is easily digestable and we still have enough energy to be learning things and doing things all day. Every day after lunch we have half an hour of relaxation where we usually have about 4 postures. Some still fall asleep during the first afternoon class but that’s another story.

We learn A LOT every single day. Every day is a new experience, it is intense for our bodies, minds and souls as we say in the class.

Talking about the class, we are a group of 44 students, aged approximately from 18 to 65, from various academic and professional backgrounds. There are housewives, doctors, psychologists, teachers, flight attendants, HR professionals, dancers, people working in banks or in Retail. Most students are Indian, from Mumbai and a few from other regions and there’s a group of 9 foreigners from the US, Russia, Germany, Spain, Austria, Italy, the UK, the Netherlands and myself from France. 

I am so happy to be here, learning so much, spending the day with very benevolent people and getting energy from the city of Mumbai as well. 

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