First day at the Yoga Institute

First impression: beautiful peaceful family-run institute where you immediatly feel safe. 

The philosophy of the Yoga Institute:

Yoga isn’t just a series of asanas, it’s a whole lifestyle. It develops awareness of self and others, teaches how to take care of the body, mind and soul as well as dealing with the external world.
Yoga means « union », we will learn how to train our mind to connect with either an object of study or our own self. We will also learn how to understand others better. 
We are here because we are aware there is more to life than just go to work, eat, watch TV and sleep. We are here at a moment where we are seeking a direction in our life. We are here because we chose to actively be happy and present, to learn new things and share them with others. We are here because we decided it was time to make a change in our life.
We are going to learn how to improve our daily lifestyle, develop our concentration to live more mindfully and receive knowledge and apply it so as to reach a higher level of consciousness.
I liked that the teacher emphasized that every being is different and has different needs. Yoga is not a competition, it is about finding your own balance for your own body and your own mind. And it starts now…let’s make a habit of observing ourselves, understanding ourselves and thinking before acting. Sounds easy? Then let’s do it 🙂

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